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Who needs DOT Physical Examination?

Drivers who engage in interstate commerce will need to have DOT medical card even if you are not a commercial license holder. Truck drivers / Bus drivers and taxi cab drivers as well as any passenger vehicles. If you are not sure if you need this certifcate prior to starting your job please CALL US to find out if you'll need one.

What is the procedure for DOT Medical Examination?

The DOT / DMV / CDL physical examination will take 5-10 minutes with you medical provider and he/she will go over your health history including family history of medical conditions. Outlined below are typical examination scenario with your provider. Record your height / weight / and temperature. Review of system and family history including medications and supplements. Screening and evaluation of the head / eyes / ears / nose / throat. Check the sounds of your lung / heart and abdomen. Ranges of motions of your neck, back and extremities. Observe specific response during neurologic testing. Vision test

Do I need to take the documents to the DMV?

If you are applying for the Commercial license e.g. Class A or B. YES you will need to take the forms to the DMV in order for you to sit for your written exam. However, if you are renewing your medical card you could avoid going to the DMV as long as your license is valid. As a courtesy we submit your medical report to the DMV using DMV Virtual Office. Passenger endorsements or NON commercial license holders are exemp from reporting to the DMV.

How long is my DOT Medical Card / Certification good for?

Your medical certificate is good for 2 years unless you are taking medications or have underlying medical conditions. e.g. hypertension / diabetes type 2 etc. Ask your provider for details during your examination session.

I am a diabetic on insulin. Can I be certified?

YES, you can have your primary physician fill out Diabetes Assessment Form and bring it with you at the time of your DOT medical examination. Print out the link Diabetes Assessment Form above and have your PCP fill it out and bring it with you at the time of your DOT medical examination.

Is there drug testing involve in DOT Medical Examination?

NO, drug testing is NOT part of your DOT medical examination. Urine testing during your DOT medical examination is designed for screening infection, protein and sugar mainly. If you need Drug Testing in addition to your DOT medical examination please tell your provider.

Do I need to bring the forms? What do I need to bring with me for my DOT Medical Examination?

We have all the forms here at the office. Simply bring your License or ID and pair of glasses or contact lenses if you wear corrective lenses. Also if you are taking medications please be familiar with the names of your prescription drugs.

Last updated: April 2018