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Ortho K Lenses

Imagine natural vision all day. No contact lenses, no spectacles and no surgery…


Ortho K lenses, also known as Overnight Vision Correction, are a revolutionary way of correcting the vision of some patients who are short-sighted


The lenses work by gently and temporarily reshaping the cornea overnight. They are removed in the morning and the eye retains the new shape during the day providing clear, natural sight. This makes them a fantastic alternative for people who find it difficult to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day.


The Ortho K system is a safe non-invasive alternative to laser eye surgery and costs about the same as daily disposable lenses. The effects are reversible.


The lenses are designed using a special eye mapping instrument to calculate the corneal curvature. These measurements are then sent to the lab where the custom lenses are made for each eye.


Who can consider Ortho K?


  • Low to Medium short-sighted prescriptions (ask us if your prescription is within the treatable range).

  • Contact lens wearers who find they can’t get the comfort their lifestyle demands.

  • Those whose activities aren’t ideal for glasses or contact lens wear.

  • People who’ve considered laser treatment but are concerned about the risks or can’t be treated.



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